Convenience Store Confessions: Spirited Conversations

Moral or spiritual support can come from surprising places. Producer Jennifer Szweda Jordan gets insights and encouragement at her neighborhood convenience store–it’s a kind of extended church community for her. So she talked with two of the workers about their faith backgrounds, what they struggle with, and like, about their belief systems, and how people of different backgrounds can get along. This is part of the Spirited Conversations project.


What’s Up in May

Unabridged Press is now focused primarily on audio podcast content about two subjects. The first features real conversations about faith. Note: we are in the market for a name for this, since the working title of Spirited Project already is being used. The second content goal is to focus on people and issues in Pittsburgh’s urban southern neighborhoods, aka Hilltop–Carrick, Allentown, Knoxville, and the like. The content will incorporate public events and social media. We’re seeking financial investment and partners on these projects. Content from the faith conversations series appears below. More will be posted on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter, and here. For more info, e-mail or call 412-200-2017. Thanks for stopping by!