Let’s organize the kitchen!

Note, as of 5/15, we’ve put the Humble Oven project, about creating sustainable food systems for your health and that of the environment, on the back burner. But if you love what you see, and want to support it in some way, contact jennifer@unabridgedpress.com…. And enjoy the content that IS here…

You’ll have more fun cooking if you aren’t digging through drawers to find the right tool or supply! Jill Yesko, of Discover Organizing, shows us how it’s done in these short videos filmed in my apartment kitchen as part of the Humble Oven project!




Thanks for listening

A woman said this to me yesterday: “Thanks for listening.” And it reminded me that this is the fundamental gift that we can all give each other. It costs very little to spend a few moments listening to another person. (The pictures here illustrate people listening: my friends Kyle and Estelle get a lot done while they listen to podcasts, too…Weenta, on the other hand, likes to get quiet and close her eyes while she listens seated on her bed.)




When I worked at The Associated Press’ Albany bureau, we had assigned “writing days,” a treasured uninterrupted eight hours for doing what we all loved to do. Some people also took “reading days” when they could actually learn from other writers through this venue of writing. You couldn’t let the boss know you were spending a day reading. It wasn’t considered to be as valuable as getting out in the field and actually interviewing people face-to-face. But I think we all need to TAKE time to listen, to read, in different media, face-to-face, online, and in books. Years later, when the creator of the popular radio program Marketplace, Jim Russell, consulted with the team I was on at The Allegheny Front, he pointed out the value of reading time.

I’m a horribly slow reader. And while I haven’t completely given up on books, for myself, I’m instituting listening days, those when I tune in to all the podcasts friends and others are recommending. And the beauty of listening to pre-recorded audio is that I can also get my dishes done, run, and cook while listening.

So here’s what I’m listening to today: Happier with Gretchen Rubin: The Power Hour; Invisibilia: Fearless; my favorite British Jesuit prayer podcast. So… what are you listening to? Thanks for listening, er, reading.