Humble Oven

Humble Oven is currently on the back burner while we focus on other projects. We do hope to come back to it at some point, if there’s sufficient interest and funding. If you want to know more or participate, read below and, if you’d like to chat even more, contact!…

Humble Oven is cooking for the rest of us.

“All of us feel humble in some way in the kitchen. Maybe you’re weak spot is not having enough money, time, equipment, or skills,” says host Jennifer Szweda Jordan. “But everyone can create something special at the stovetop, and Humble Oven’s here to help.”

With instructional videos, audio podcasts, and written blogs, photos and comics, at, Humble Oven works with home cooks to create nourishing, beautiful meals using foods from sustainable, local suppliers.

Ms. Jordan has created award-winning public radio features about sustainably grown food for The Allegheny Front environmental news program. She holds an associate’s degree in culinary arts and she’s been a chef at resorts and restaurants. She wrote a newspaper column called Back Burner. Now, in a new way, Ms. Jordan’s bringing what she’s learned to the Pittsburgh area audience.

Questions that Humble Oven will answer: What do I do when my oven breaks and the family’s coming over for dinner? How can I substitute ingredients when I’m cooking for friends with food allergies? How can I organize my kitchen so I’m not constantly digging around in drawers for the right tool?

Humble Oven will be filmed in Ms. Jordan’s own humble apartment kitchen as well as in home and professional kitchens around town.

Inspired by the upstart foodie star who cooked every recipe from Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a single year, Humble Oven will offer instruction and advice on multiple media platforms for a year. See more at and contact Ms. Jordan at

Humble Oven is the first production from Unabridged Press, a new media company in Pittsburgh. Its mission is summed up in these words: “media for good”—the good of individuals, the community, and the environment. 

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